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What is the Best Long Eye Relief Scopes in 2021

long eye relief scopes

What is the Best Long Eye Relief Scopes in 2021

If you have actually never been slapped in the confront with a riflescope, then you’re one of the lucky ones. If you have though, then you’re a victim of inadequate eye relief.

Adequate eye relief is among one of the most underrated facets of a rifle scope. So before we obtain any better, let’s obtain an understanding of what eye relief is exactly and also why is it so important.

So What Is Eye Relief?

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Eye relief is the distance you have to hold your eyes behind your range’s back lens to see the complete image created by your lens.

If you move your eyes closed in the direction of the lens, your photo will certainly start to get unclear around the sides. If you take your eyes back too much though, the picture will certainly become a dot on the lens.

If the eye relief isn’t enough time and you’re utilizing a high-caliber cartridge, like a Magnum, the top of the riflescope is going to hit your brow when the rifle recoils after you conjecture. This is just how insufficient eye relief converts into a cut above the eye.

If you want more detailed information check this article.

Below we have put together a listing of the most effective long eye relief scopes readily available in the marketplace today. Yet before we get into that, below’s a tiny overview on what to look for in a riflescope.

What to look for when buying Long eye relief scopes

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Eye Relief

Well, undoubtedly. As we stated above, eye relief is of vital significance in keeping your eyes out of injury’s way if you’re utilizing a superior bullet like a magnum.

The market criterion for eye relief has to do with 3.5 inches at the lowest magnification. In greater zoom levels, you need to relocate your eyes closer to the lens to get a more clear image. In our viewpoint, long eye relief scopes ought to have at the very least 5 inches at the lowest zoom to guarantee your eyes remain safe also when you’re shooting from unconventional angles.


Lots of individuals believe that magnification is the most important element of a rifle scope.

If you’re searching for a big video game, you would definitely desire as much range as feasible in between you and the target. A big magnification range offers you a great deal of versatility and allows you to search the method you desire, up close as well as personal or long range and tactical.

The Reticle

When it concerns accuracy, nothing is more vital than the reticle and its crosshairs. Reticles can be of two types– initial focal airplane as well as second focal plane.

A reticle should offer sufficient information, have adjustment as well as holdover positions, as well as essentially, give you a great idea of the bullet’s trajectory.

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Light Transmission

A great rifle scope will have multicoated, anti-reflective lenses. These lenses transfer as much light as possible from the surroundings that make for a brilliant, brilliant photo. Comparison is especially crucial when you’re firing in woodland with a lot of grass as well as trees.

Superb light transmission is necessary when you’re shooting at night. The lens should at least, offer as clear an image as you can get with your nude eyes.


What really divides the best ranges from the sub-standard ones is their toughness. Whereas an affordable china knockoff is most likely mosting likely to be in mess after only a few shots, high-quality scopes are made with workmanship that will last you years, usually a lifetime.

A great scope must be made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, and also the scopes need to have nitrogen or argon removal. These features secure your rifle from both environmental problems like yard, trees, and also branches, and weather problems like rainfall, haze, and also water. Having a lifetime guarantee also aids a great deal!

The 4 Best Best Long Eye Relief Scopes

1. Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex 2-7x32mm

First up on our list is this simple, but highly effective scope from Burris. This riflescope has a host of highly functional and beneficial features but what really stands out is the long eye relief.

The reason this scope shows up on our list of best long eye relief scopes is because of its enormous eye relief of 11 to 21 inches. Thus, even if you’re fully zoomed in and are shooting with bullets, which have the strongest recoil, you can rest assured your eyes are absolutely safe.

With a zoom range of 2 to 7X and an objective lens of 32 mm, the Burris is ideal for short to medium-range shooting. It is a great choice for an M1A scout rifle. Quick, precise clicks let you make 1/4 MOA adjustments to compensate for wind and elevation.

What we also really like about this riflescope is that it also has a coil-spring system for locking your position. This allows for increased precision and lets you hold your prey with perfect accuracy in the crosshairs.

The lenses are multicoated which allows for maximum light transmission and minimal glare. Multiple Nitrogen purges ensure that the scope is sturdy and protected from water, dust, and fog.

If you’ve ever had your eyes hit before with a scope and want to ensure that never again comes to pass, this is the riflescope you want to buy.

2. Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Handgun Scope, Matte

Leupold makes fantastic optics all around, but they also make some of the best in the business when it comes to eye relief. Let’s take a closer look at this admittedly pricey scope to see if it’s worth your while.

This scope is excellent, in large part, due to the many things it offers overall in addition to its eye relief, which is totally phenomenal. Both at high and low powered magnification, eye relief is set to 15 inches in total. That’s over 1 foot of eye relief! You can essentially guarantee yourself an excellent sight picture without having to worry about being hurt due to heavy recoil from your chosen firearm.

But the other factors that are just as much a part of the scope are fantastic as well. For instance, the scope is ultralightweight and features a slim 1-inch main tube design, so mounting it on high-powered rifles or even pistols is pretty easy.

It’s also totally waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. The latter factor again makes it a great choice for high-powered rifles. ¼ MOA finger adjustable windage and elevation turrets are included as well. While these aren’t marked clearly, that’s an ultimately minor downside when you consider all of the scope’s value overall.

And that value is perhaps best demonstrated by the proprietary Twilight Max Light Management System. This system allows the scope to collect extra shooting light in lowlight environments or at the beginning and end of a day. It adds up to about 20 extra minutes of shooting light overall, making this a favorite scope for hunters through and through.

A simple but enjoyable duplex reticle that’s easy to get used to, plus a black matte finish, round off this scope’s offerings. The eye relief, as you can see, is just a small part of what this scope has to offer. It’s one of the best scopes overall, not just one of the best scopes if you want long eye relief.

3. Aim Sports 2-7×42 Long Eye Relief 30MM Scout Scope

The final entry on our list is this one from the relatively unknown Aim Sports. It’s a simple scout scope and is a very budget-friendly option for those who are new to recreational hunting and shooting.

This riflescope has a lot going for it, especially its 8.5” to 10.5” inch eye relief. The eye relief is quite generous and keeps your eyes perfectly safe, as testified by hundreds of satisfied customers.

The mil-dot reticle is a little tiny for our taste, but this is, after all, a scouting scope. Anyway, the scope more than makes up for it with it’s super accurate zeroing in capabilities. This, coupled with the 2 to 7X zoom range and the huge 42mm objective lens makes for a very accurate and precise riflescope.

Both the build quality (aircraft-grade aluminum construction) and the image quality is top-notch, which is super impressive for a riflescope that is so affordable. Rest assured, the picture on the riflescope will have perfect contrast and vividity from dawn to dusk.

If you are just starting with sports hunting and you have heard a bunch of horror stories from your friends and relatives about how they hurt their eyes from recoiling rifle scopes, then look no further than this scope. It is the perfect budget starter option for an up-and-coming hunter.

4. T-Eagle ER5-20x50SFIR Hunting Side Parallax Riflescope

You don’t have to search high and low if you are after a quality rifle scope that covers all the basics that a good deer hunting scopes can accomplish. All you need is to get your hands on the T-Eagle ER5-20x50SFIR.

This is the best rifle scope for whitetail deer hunting. Taking pride in its functionality, it doesn’t believe in flair. It is a scope that grants its user simplicity and 100% quality.

Based on aviation aluminum ally material it is made of CNC precision machining to make the product lighter and more durable. The overall performance has been improved, and the factory has passed strict seismic tests and tests in various harsh environments.

This scope comes with full-wideband coating for eyepieces and objectives Also known as an antireflection coating. Observations at different angles will present different Ribbon(this is the performance of multi-layer coating)Good imaging, high definition, and high color reproduction.

Additionally, the T-Eagle ER5-20x50SFIR also has an Etched Reticle Reset. Whether the scope is not in use or is out in the most unforgiving environment, it is capped for protection. For protection against the environment, it is fully fog-proof and waterproof for coverage against unavoidable accidents during hunting season. These accidents can range from a sudden drop from a tree or a quick submersion into mud and puddles. Overall, this is a smart buy.

Final Words

Eye relief is a feature that doesn’t get nearly as much publicity as it should. A lousy experience resulting from insufficient eye relief, ending in a cut above the eye can be enough to put off a newcomer from hunting forever.

The riflescopes reviewed above are all top-notch scopes, which are highly accurate and have excellent picture quality. But more than everything else, they have incredibly abundant eye relief. Hope this post could help you make the decision.

T-Eagle always offers high-quality rifle scopes at a friendly price, our mission is to provide you with an excellent shopping experience. If you have a large order and also other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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