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Best Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting Hunting in 2021

best scope long range

Best Rifle Scope for Long Range Shooting Hunting in 2021

If you’re looking to push the borders of those lame “reliable variety” stickers or for a long range scope to damage targets at 1000 yards plus, this guide is for you!

Long range shooting is one of the most exciting as well as desirable skills on the planet of weapons, however, it comes with a price. Having a high-quality scope with a long range of capabilities makes all the distinction, but what qualifies a scope as a long range scope?

To a Canadian Special Forces operative geared up with a McMillin TAC-50.50 BMG, a long range scope indicated having a Schmidt and Bender 5-45x56mm atop his rifle to set the globe record in longest taped kill validate shot. This operative had the ability to reduce the effects of an opponent ISIS combatant at an astonishing 3540m! Hope this post could help you find the best rifle scope for long range hunting shooting, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

The Schmidt & Bender collection of optics apply state-of-the-art technology and top-tier glass high quality. To efficiently counteract targets better than a squint away, scopes like these are nearly a must. At 3540m, it isn’t also possible to make out a human silhouette without great optics, let alone take an accurate shot that thinks about bullet ballistics. Without long range optics, the shot taken by the document owner would have likely not been possible!

In this guide, we’ll discuss what makes a scope efficient far away, why you need high-grade glasses atop your rifles, and also I’ll aid you to find the most effective long range scope within your spending plan.

Choosing the Right Scope for Long Range Shooting

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Most importantly, if you intend to fire like a sniper, you need to educate like a sniper. There is NO replacement for devotion, training, and also just falling short till you get it right. It takes snipers in the Marines hundreds if not hundreds of hours researching, practicing, and also placing rounds down variety terribly wrong until they get it right. Shooting lengthy array is a whole new area of gun enjoyable and also will usually establish the men besides the children.

So what do you require to sling bullets better than the human eye can see? Exact data and also the right equipment.

Before we speak about equipment and also truly anything to do with long-range gun efficiency, you require to understand that this is no location for the bad. Sorry men, yet you’re going to require some significant money to burn if you wish to be taking accurate shots going beyond tool varieties. Cheaping out on anything from the rifle to the optics to the ammunition will certainly often most likely end in irritation and also subpar efficiency.

Obviously, there are those guys that will certainly declare “I utilized my 60-year-old Winchester with a Walmart extent to dropped a buck 1500m away in the rainfall with 60mph winds! You don’t need elegant crap you simply require to be a male!”

Whatever, guy, the fact is, if you desire constant accuracy at lengthy ranges, you need gear that prepares you to play in the major leagues. At the end of the day, if you take the same shooter and also the same rifle as well as enable them to fire on targets without a scope at 1000m and after that hand them to a good extent, they will, undoubtedly, carry out considerably much better. Hope this post could help you find the best rifle scope for long range hunting shooting, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

I’ll toss some affordable scopes on the purchaser’s overview for those of you who want to mess around and maybe even contrast them to higher-end extents later down the road, yet in all fact, the BUY WHEN CRY ONCE mentality is at play right here greater than in any other post on this website.

If you are preparing to take your exterior sporting occasions to the next degree, I extremely advise conserving your dimes as well as for opting for the absolute finest equipment that is attainable for your circumstance. If missing out on a season or two is what you need to do to conserve up, after that so be it, it’ll be worth it when you’re at the array thrilling your buddies by firing limited groupings at 500m+.

Understanding your firearm, its devices including optics, and its ammo is definitely essential in long-range involvement. If you don’t know just how to use your expensive 25x optics, you most definitely will spend the entire day (or probably the whole season) shooting everything BUT the designated target.

Besides, wind speed, temperature, the angle of altitude, bullet decline, as well as a lot more need to be thought about. At brief ranges, these things may not matter as much. Capturing at 200m will rarely call for substantial modification for a lot of ammo’s bullet decline, and wind rates will likely not affect the round’s trajectory unless they’re abnormally ridiculous.

The point here is that shooting difficulty becomes exponentially harder as the range progresses. Long range shooting is a totally different ball game requiring an entirely new set of skills that even trained short to medium ranged professionals may have a hard time grasping. Hope this post could help you find the best rifle scope for long range hunting shooting, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

Long range capable scopes are much more than just some glass glued to the end of a tube. To a shooter, long range capable scopes are as powerful as a computer. These scopes will come with turrets capable of fine-tuning your scope to specific ranges and elevations. Furthermore, most long-range scopes come equipped with some kind of range-finding instruments and reticles which help determine bullet drop at each level of distance. Most high-end long-range scopes also come with zero-stop mechanisms, allowing adjustments to be made, and then reverting to your zero a breeze.

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Long Range Hunting vs Precision Shooting

Before we begin on tactical scope technology, we initially need to determine our situation. The scenario you’ll be using your rifle in will greatly impact which scope will certainly be best for you, so recognize exactly what you call for of an optic BEFORE acquiring one!

Long range target shooting and long range hunting are two entirely different globes when it comes to marksmanship. The really terms “long array” are subjective and will likely depend on far more than just a general group of “firearms”. Long range for hunting is considerably various from target shooting and competitive capturing will likely additionally set ranges apart considerably.

Long Range Hunting is typically mosting likely to max out at around 400m (although some extremely educated hunters do take shots from over a mile out). 400m is approximately the maximum range most seekers will fire at while maintaining an ethical hunting code. In hunting, just striking the target isn’t sufficient, you require a tidy kill shot, and achieving this is tough to do with an unpredictable moving target.

An additional point to take into consideration is the speed at which you can get and align a clean shot. Having too much magnification can make identifying a pet on the move extremely challenging and even the least movements can make reacquiring a view picture frustrating.

Eye alleviation and also objective lens size are important components in hunting. Having a range that can harness the available light in several circumstances is necessary for hunting.

About hunting as well as hiking through your stomping grounds, you might also intend to be thoughtful of the range’s total layout. Exactly how hefty is the extent? Just how sturdy as well as is it water-proof? You don’t wish to lug around additional weight if you understand your pleasant place is several miles uphill both means and let me tell ya, glass is heavy as well as most definitely accumulates promptly.

Getting caught in the rainfall or falling under a stream are likewise opportunities that you wouldn’t wish to run the risk of countless dollars of equipment on, so ensure your searching gear and the range you select is durable and also water-proof!

Long Range Target Shooting, nevertheless, is far more forgiving than searching as well as allows for unlimited opportunities when it involves scopes. Bench remainder capturing and also relaxing can conveniently generate shots over 2000m with the ideal training as well as gear. Normally, in a long-range competition, you’ll find stationary targets exceeding 600m meters.

Given that target shooting greatly exceeds the definition of the long array for hunters, there will be many more variables to think about, such as wind speeds, bullet decline settlement, temperature level, and many more factors. This generally suggests you’ll have a more called in scope with a greater degree of magnification and a reduced degree of eye alleviation as the compromise. Scopes for long array target shooting may also leave out attributes such as waterproofing yet will likely feature some helpful ballistics’ devices.


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As mentioned before, scopes act as a shooter’s calculator and the number one thing enabling the shooter to make calculations is the reticle inside the scope. Choosing the right reticle with intuitive features makes a world of a difference. For example, bullet drop compensator reticles (BDC) will help the shooter compensate their ammunitions drop over distance to several different range settings.

We aren’t going to go into a full-blown guide on crosshair explanations as there are tons of different styles, colors, tools, features, etc. There are also a bunch of proprietary branded crosshairs that you’ll find across major scope brands that you’ll simply have to study upon. The point here is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of different variations and sometimes choosing the right scope comes down to which houses a crosshair that you are most comfortable with.


Minutes of Angle (MOA) and Metric Milliradians (MILS) main differences lie in which you simply prefer. MOA compensation tools implement the imperial measurement system while MILS uses the metric system of measurements.

That’s pretty much it! Many shooters make this out to be more complicated than it really is. If you live outside of the USA you’ll likely want to use a MILS compensation tool. If you live inside the USA, MOA is probably going to be more comfortable.

As far as what they actually do, MOA lines up with 1.047” (the 0.047” part is generally disregarded) at 100 yards. MILS measures up at 10cm at 100m. This means at 200 yards, you’ll be looking at 2” and at 200m you’ll be looking at 20cm and so forth.

At extreme distances, MILS is generally spot on but MOA may take some tweaking and validation (due to that pesky 0.047”) with drop charts and various other tools.

As a pro tip, before pulling the trigger on the Amazon buy box, ensure the scope’s turrets are built for the reticle the scope houses. It baffles me, however, that scopes are sometimes manufactured with MOA turrets and a MILS reticle. What the…?!?

Also, since this article is about long range shooting, ensure your reticle has some kind of placeholders or identifiers. It’ll take you forever to squeeze off the shot if you have to count over 20 MOA on a scale with no numberings and it’s easy to miss one or forget which line you were using.


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Firstly, understanding the X’s and the M’s that come along with any magnified scope is a must.

Example: 6-25x 60mm

The first numbers are the power of magnification. In our example above, this means targets will appear 6 times larger than normal (eyesight) at the scope’s lowest possible settings. When there are 2 numbers together with a hyphen this means the scope is capable of a range of magnifications. This example shows us the scope is capable of a minimum magnification power of 6x all the way up to a maximum power of 25x.

Finally, the last number that is given in millimeters tells us the diameter of the objective lens. Remember, this will determine how much light will be transferred to your picture but will also result in a much heavier unit with a higher price tag.

More magnification usually always sounds like a good thing, but if you’re using your rifle to hit moving targets or perhaps hunting, too much magnification may hinder your ability to acquire targets quickly and plan for incoming obstacles.

Higher magnification results in a much smaller window of sight but much further distances. If you’re perched on a shooting range, the high magnification is great as you have all the time in the world to find those targets and you know exactly where they’ll be.

Some high-end scopes will offer variable power, which means you can cycle through magnification levels. These may be especially handy for scouting out targets and then focusing more in-depth once you have identified their location.

Shooting 100 meters away with a 25x scope isn’t going to be enjoyable nor practical, but if you can switch between 5x and 25x with the flick of your wrist, you’ll be well equipped for a wide range of distances.

For long range rifle scopes, you’ll generally see the range of 5-25x with any combination of variable or fixed magnification power levels.

Eye Relief

Simply put, eye relief is how far away your eye(s) can be away from the lens and still maintain a clear sight picture. In dealing with long range high magnification scopes, the truth is that eye relief is usually pretty low on the spectrum of hoots given. With a high level of magnification, the picture is bounced from mirror to mirror and put through a tube that helps to capture light. The higher the magnification, the more the light has to travel and be redirected, resulting in a smaller and smaller sight picture each time.

Eye relief is typically highest in 1x optics such as an EOTech holographic sight, where you can use it with both eyes open several inches away and still maintain perfect sight picture. As you move up in magnification, eye relief usually gets significantly less, all the way up until your eye is essentially touching the edge of the scope.

Scopes in this guide will all have high levels of magnification which will likely result in very low amounts of eye relief. Of course, the size of the lenses and the overall construction play a role in this but as a general rule of thumb, the more magnification, the less eye relief the scope will offer.

Pairing scopes that come equipped with low levels of eye relief with a high-powered rifle means your jelly bags will sit very close to the scope. If you’re a newbie, heed my warning! The scope can and will sock you right in the face, so be careful!

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The adjustments found on the exterior of the scope are typically in the form of turrets.

Generally, you will find either 2 or 3 turrets which all adjust different settings with a total of 4 or 5 adjustments.

Although the configuration may vary, you can usually find the parallax adjuster on the left side, the windage adjustment on the right side, and the elevation settings on top of the scope.

Elevation: This setting determines how high or low your firearm will shoot and is usually dependent on your angle relative to the target and distance.

Windage: Using click adjustments, one-click equals ¼ MOA on most scopes. Minute of Angle (MOA) is a ratio that remains constant at different distances. One minute of angle at 100 yards is equal to one inch.

Parallax: The change insights depending on the angle of your eyeball relative to the reticle. If you look at the reticle from different angles and the crosshair seems to move around and point to different things, you’re witnessing the parallax effect. Parallax is dangerous as it will throw off the accuracy of your shot. If your scope has parallax it might have an adjustment for this that you will simply need to play around with and practice until you get it right. Some scopes don’t come with a parallax adjustment and simply have a preset level of parallax compensation.

The ocular focus ring, found near the rear of the ocular bell, is to help focus the reticle and is adjusted to the shooter’s preferences. This is also sometimes referred to as a diopter. To adjust your diopter, look through the rifle scope at a plain background closer than 20 feet. Adjust the diopter until the reticle is clear. Once the diopter is set, do not adjust it even if you adjust other settings. As a general rule of thumb, this is the first thing you should adjust. Pro tip: if you’re suffering from headaches due to using your scope, your diopter settings may be the cause!

There may also be another adjustment found on your scope known as the power ring. This is usually located just in front of the ocular bell and is what you will use to change the level of magnification (if your scope is variable powered).

Here Are the Best Long Range Scopes

1. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II

The Vortex Optics Razor HD II is Vortex’s flagship long range scope and has remained one of the most popular scopes among the PRS community for years now. What you get here is a “buy once cry once” long range scope made by Vortex, one of our favorite optics companies here at Marine Approved. Along with being an American and veteran-owned company, their customer service and warranty are nearly unbeatable. With Vortex products, you get an unlimited lifetime that’s transferable, no receipt needed. That means that so long as you don’t intentionally damage your optic or it is stolen, Vortex will replace or repair it for free through the Vortex Vip Warranty.

With a premium price tag, you also get Vortex’s top of the line, high density, extra-low dispersion glass. The lenses are fully multi-coated with XR Plus anti-reflective coating for increased light transmission resulting in a bright and clear image. Vortex also incorporated the APO optical system, which according to Vortex, reduces the amount of blurring between colors and brings the different color wavelengths into focus in the same plane.

The FFP scope has a 50mm objective lens and variable 3-18x magnification range, making this scope incredibly versatile. Its L-TEC Turret System locking turret system prevents accidental elevation changes.

Of all the optics on this list, for precision shooting, I feel like this best bang for your buck as far as high-end scopes go. There are multiple models to choose from including 3-18×50 and 4.5-27×56. I could go on and on about this scope, but instead, I’ll leave a video below that covers more of its features.

2. Nightforce Optics ATACR 5-25x56mm

The ATACR is the predecessor to the coveted combat-tested Nightforce NXS, which you’ve probably heard of before if you’re a firearms enthusiast or in the military. These scopes are quite popular in special forces around the world and have quite a reputation among precision shooters. The ATACR was designed with tactical mission-critical features like their patented ZeroStop technology and up to 120 MOA /35mils of elevation adjustment. The housing is built like an armored vehicle and may even be able to withstand as much abuse as one too!

This really does feel like the Cadillac of long-range scopes. Everything down to even the “XtremeSpeed” diopter has some special “speed and precision” technology behind it. Along with having outstanding glass and image quality, this scope is known for being an absolute tank in the field. They say this scope is so durable that it’s “military proof” and I’ve even heard some say that it’s “Marine proof”. Overall, this is easily one of the best long range scopes out there.

3. T-Eagle ER 6-24X50SFFLE Hunting Tactical Riflescope

Excellent scope for long-range deer hunting, this one from T-Eagle has everything you want in scope and a lot more. It’s advanced yet simple at the same time, making this an ideal scope for beginners and veterans to the game alike.

First things first, this is a First Focal Plane reticle, which is ideal for shooting long range. The reticle seems to shrink or grow in size as you zoom in or out of your prey. That makes for a very clear picture of the huge 44mm objective lens.

The glass-etched reticle is an illuminated Mil-dot reticle, which is excellent for long-range accuracy. Most FFP and mil-dot reticle scopes in the market today are at least twice the price.

Multicoated lenses provide a very clear and high-contrast picture, as is required when shooting deer long range. The picture quality is excellent and stays consistent throughout the entire zoom range.

The scope’s tube is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, which has exceptional mechanical and structural integrity and will hold up to all manners of battering. The argon purged lenses give top class waterproofing and thermal stability.

4. Leupold LEU Mark 5 HD

The Leupold LEU Mark 5 is a battle-tested and thermal shock hardened warrior of a scope that may just be what you need to sling those large-caliber rounds into the 4-digit zone with ease. It’s hard to really review a scope like this and make it sound worth it with just words, so excuse me if I fail to get you excited.

However, this scope is an absolute masterpiece. Most of what goes into its construction are the result of 40+ years of research by Leupold. You can tell that there were absolutely no sacrifices here. The glass is about as clear as it gets and this is easily one of the best scopes out there.

5. Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II

Vortex makes so many scopes that it can be difficult to which model is best for what. The easiest way to know what the scope is designed for is to understand what the letters mean following the model name. In this particular case, PST stands for Precision, Shooting, Tactical. Below I’ll actually put a video explaining the differences between the HS HSLR HST and PST.

This FFP has pretty incredible glass for this price point, which is why this is an extremely popular scope. Along with the great glass, the eye relief is pretty good, is durable, and overall just extremely well designed. This scope is available in multiple variants including 2-10×32, 3-15×44, and 5-25×50.

6. Vortex Optics Viper HS-T

As always, you can expect some pretty high-quality optics for ridiculous prices from Vortex Optics. The Viper has four different variants for you to select from including the 4-16×44 or 6-24×50 VMR-1 MOA, and 4-16×44 or 6-24×50 VMR-1 MRAD magnification and reticle configurations. I like the MOA reticle with a 50mm objective lens but each of these is just fine and mostly personal preference.

These come with the CR5 zero stop and exposed target acquisition style turrets that are incredibly easy and quick to adjust and fine-tune out in the field and provides excellent parallax adjustments as well. As with many of the Vortex Optics scopes, you’ll also find the Viper has the single piece fast focus eyepiece that hosts several inches of eye relief, being comfortable and effective at the same time!

If you were wondering, the HS-T stands for Hunting, Shooting, and Tactical purposes and to me, this scopes cute little acronym actually holds pretty true as I’d certainly recommend this scope to anyone participating in any of the three activities listed above, although this might be a tad overkill on magnification for most hunters, but hey, better to have more magnification than you need than not have enough, right?

Plus, each of the variants contains a wide level of adjustable levels of magnification power so really, these scopes are exceptionally versatile and have earned their HS-T acronym sufficiently! The scope has great eye relief at 4 inches and overall is just an incredible scope for the money. Instead of writing for days about this scope, I decided to just link the best video I could find on YouTube below.

7. Swarovski Z5

Incredible accuracy at long distances is made incredibly easier when using the Austrian made Z5 5-25×52 L. The lateral parallax turret with the familiar optical perfection of SWAROVSKI OPTIK makes this riflescope a pioneer in its class. The compact 1-inch rifle scope is most definitely the right choice for shooting over long distances while maintaining friendliness for maneuverability. Not too heavy, not too light, not too long, not too short.

This scope is by far one of my favorites for the simple fact that it provides crystal clear sight picture at the perfect size to be usable during hunting or long range target shooting. SWAROVSKI OPTIK delivers performances that have only rarely been achieved previously by any other rifle scope of the 30 mm class. The lightweight and compact Z5 rifle scopes are designed for harsh everyday usage.

In Conclusion

No single rifle scope, no matter how perfectly built and designed, can cater to every customer’s needs and demands. So, before you pick a scope, make sure that the model you are willing to go for has all the particular specifications that you need and want. And more importantly, always keep your budget in mind before you feel like putting a hole through your savings for the more higher-end scopes.

T-Eagle always offers high-quality rifle scopes at a friendly price, our mission is to provide you with an excellent shopping experience. If you have a large order and also other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Many thanks for shopping with us!

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